Did someone say Lasagna?!

OK friends, who doesn’t love a GOOD Lasagna. Yes, I know Lasagna is pretty simple and that most people can throw one together, but who can make a truly GREAT Lasagna…. I believe that I can! This post won’t necessarily give you exact measurements and ingredients, but a good basis on how you can transformContinue reading “Did someone say Lasagna?!”

Pumpkin Bread!

Alright guys… I know the season of pumpkin is over… but this stuff is SO good. It’s moist(yes, that word again) with white and semi sweet chocolate chunks, and just enough pumpkin… but not too much! Personally, I really dislike anything pumpkin, but this bread is nothing short of delicious! I will play with itContinue reading “Pumpkin Bread!”

Cheesy Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken with Crispy Brussels Sprouts

The first word out of my husbands mouth tonight after inhaling this dish was “WOW” followed by “This may be the best dish you’ve ever made”. I have been refining this dish over the last month or so trying to find the perfect combination of vegetable, side, cheese, etc. This dish is going to becomeContinue reading “Cheesy Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken with Crispy Brussels Sprouts”

“The Wurst” Chili

Who doesn’t love a good chili on a cold winter day?! This chili is the perfect combination of spice and sweet, with plenty of veggies to make your meal complete! I love using local products, so for this recipe I used a beer from Streetside Brewery in Cincinnati, Ohio! I also love cooking chili inContinue reading ““The Wurst” Chili”

“The Jimmy” Cakey Chocolate Chip Cookie

Don’t you just LOVE a basic, moist (hate that word), and delicious chocolate chip cookie? Yeah, me too… and so does my husband( I made these this morning and he has already eaten like 5 of them). These cookies are EASY, minimal prep time, quick to bake, I made a batch before heading to workContinue reading ““The Jimmy” Cakey Chocolate Chip Cookie”